Yoplait Promo
4 May, 2018
Author: Massy St. Vincent

President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Medical Association (SVGMA) Rosalind Ambrose says that she is grateful to Massy Stores for a recent donation.

On Wednesday, Marketing Assistant at Massy Akene “Prez” Keizer handed over a cheque for $1,933.60 to the SVGMA.

To money will be used as part of the SVGMA’s breast cancer fight.

Keizer said that the supermarket chain raised the money through a Yoplait Promotion.

Explaining the initiative, Keizer said that Yoplait and Massy decided, “to stand together in the fight against breast cancer so Yoplait donated 10 cents off every Yoplait product sold at Massy Stores to the SVG Medical Association”.

Keizer noted that Massy decided to donate also, by doubling it to 20 cents donated from every Yoplait sold. The promotion ran from October 1 to October 31.

“Breast cancer is a serious medical condition that takes money to fight and we decided to help in any little way we could”, said Keizer.

Commenting, Ambrose said the donation was significant, noting that it will help the persons that the SVGMA assist with cancer treatment.

“This morning we had a patient appeal for assistance. There are always people in need and it (Massy donation) means we have more funds to help”, said Ambrose.

The SVGMA President also revealed that apart from the donation, Massy also helped the organization by selling the SVGMA handbags and other items as well as assisting with their 5K run which was done in collaboration with the Trinity School of Medicine.

“This is a very significant campaign of building awareness and Massy did go all the way to help us and we are happy to have this corporate collaboration”, noted Ambrose.

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