Massy Farmers
4 May, 2018
Author: Massy St. Vincent

Farmers Meeting - SVGSeveral local farmers were last Tuesday, given the opportunity to interact with one another, purchasers of farm produce and other persons involved in local farming.

The coming together of the farmers was facilitated by Massy Stores during the supermarket chain’s semi-annual farmers meeting which was held at the Massy Stores Training Room located in the Massy building on Upper Bay Street.

Perishable Goods Purchaser at Massy Lenroy Gill said that the objective of the meeting was to provide a forum where farmers were allowed to interact with one another.

He said that this was done, as one element of Massy Stores’ mission is to foster a mutually beneficial and ethical relationship with suppliers.

Marketing Office at Massy Petra Plato explained, that two times a year, key personnel at Massy Stores (Purchasers, Receivers, Perishable Supervisors, Operations Manager and the General Manager) take time out of their daily schedule to meet with farmers to address various concerns.  

“The aim is to keep the budding relationship with our suppliers flourishing. The farmers were engaged in an open discussion where they spoke freely about challenges that they face and the best way to move forward”, said Plato. 

One Farmer Paul DeFreitas commented, “today I learnt a number of important information and how I can continue to build the relationship with Massy Stores as well as introducing new products to the stores”.

Another farmer, Elsa Primus revealed, “this was one of the best farmers meeting that I attended and whatever came out it was important.”

General Manager of Massy Stores Vanessa DeSouza said that the farmers meeting was quite informative as she gained an understanding of the challenges that the farmers face.  

DeSouza further stated that based on the results of the meeting, Massy Stores will bring even more value to customers while strengthening the relationship with farmers. 

The Ministry of Agriculture was represented at the meeting by Rodwell Charles who provided information for the farmers on the use of pesticides and pesticide safety among other farming related topics.  

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